India’s Growth Sectors

As per a recent study on corporate investments by the Reserve Bank of India, the investment in infrastructure is higher at 53 per cent of the cost in FY’10 as compared to the 45 per cent in FY’09. Power and telecom accounted for over half of the cost of all projects. The total investment in the infrastructure sector stood at Rs 2,95,805 crore in FY’10.

Among the segments of infrastructure sector, the power sector attracted the maximum investment to the amount of Rs 1,68,326 crore, telecom at Rs 1,17,689 crore, metal and metal products at Rs 1,12, 732 crore, construction at Rs 47, 636 crore and mining and quarrying at Rs 14, 009 crore.

A lot of corporate investment was witnessed in metals and metal products with a share of 20.3 per cent, followed by construction projects and cement among the various infrastructure segments.

The investment was predominantly directed towards the power sector. The infrastructure sector also observed a continued thrust on public private partnership according to the study and had a positive impact on stimulating investment in power, telecom and construction projects in the infrastructure sector.

India’s telecom sector witnessed an increase in user base by 17.98 million users in June 2010. The telephone subscriber base in the country’s telecom sector went up to 671.69 million. India’s telecom sector is one of the largest telecom markets in the world and is estimated to touch 700 million subscribers by 2012. As per the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), the number of telephone subscriber base in the Indian telecom sector stood at 653.92 million as on May 31, 2010 thereby recording an increase of 2.49 per cent from 638.05 million in April 2010. Recently, the telecom infrastructure firm Quippo-WTTIL has signed a deal with IBM to provide technical support. The Indian Telecom sector is among the most growing sectors in the country.

The automobiles sector in the country has witnessed an upsurge due to the burgeoning middle class. The car sales have increased and India’s automobile sector is likely to become the top ten markets for the company globally by 2011. India’s automobiles sector is an emerging favorite investment destination for automobiles manufacturers.

In the tractor segment in the Automobiles sector, Mahindra and Mahindra (M&M) has become the world’s top tractor company by selling a record of 1.59 lakh tractors in 2009 and surpassed John Deere of the US.

The growing Indian Telecommunications network is the second largest in the world with more than 621 million users. The Liberalization process in India primarily allowed various private telecom players for value added service and later on with the growing Indian Economy, India is one of the manufacturing hubs for many Telecom Companies. An attractive trade and investment policy and lucrative incentives for foreign collaborations have made India the most attractive markets for the telecom equipment suppliers and service providers.

The telecom sector in India has undergone a major process of transformation with significant policy reforms. India offers an unprecedented opportunity for infrastructure vendors, telecom service operators, manufacturers and associated services companies. A host of factors are contributing to enlarged opportunities for growth and investment in the Indian telecom sector. However, the Indian Telecom market is yet to reach many geographical locations, there are yet load of opportunities for more and more telecom operators to invest in the Indian Telecom Sector.

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